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School- Based Health

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School- Based Health Center 

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Bienville Parish Hospital Service District No. 2 and the Bienville Parish School Board are pleased to announce a newly-formed partnership to bring School-Based Health Centers to schools in Bienville Parish. The primary focus of the School- Based Health Centers is to provide quality, accessible health care to the students who attend schools operated by the Bienville Parish School Board.

A School- Based Health Center is a clinic that your student can go to, on the campus of his or her school, where he/she can receive basic “health care.” Think of it as a “clinic” that your student can use to meet many of his/her healthcare needs. Just like a clinic in any community in America, now your student’s school will have a “clinic” on his or her school campus.

With a signed consent, the school nurse is able to give ibuprofen, Tylenol, Benadryl, neosporin, hydrocortisone cream, & albuterol nebulizer treatments. Also, the student can be tested for flu, strep, or mono.

Neither students nor their parents will be asked to pay for any portion of a visit to the School-Based Health Center. Students must be enrolled to see a medical provider. Enrollment consists of parents or guardians signing consent forms. Provider visits will be conducted through Telehealth delivery, the implementation of private, live audio-video connection between the Schools and Bienville Family Clinic Arcadia. This allows our clinic to provide quality medical care to the six (6) schools in Bienville Parish during virtually every hour of school operations. 

The School-Based Health Centers will provide for expanded healthcare access to children enrolled in Bienville Parish Schools. Parents are not required to sign consent forms for the school health services that have been offered in Bienville Parish Schools in recent years; but consents must be signed for expanded service. 

For more information, please contact Randy McKinney or Crystal Rabo at Bienville Family Clinic Arcadia at (318) 263- 7970.