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Tigers On The Run

First Practice is Tuesday, September 13th!

Elementary cross country is back! We love allowing our elementary and junior high students the opportunity to move and get active in the sport we love, so we will be continuing our series of runs on campus called Tigers On The Run.

The LHSAA has issued new rules that prevent varsity and junior varsity cross country meets from occurring on the same days as elementary and junior high meets, so we are having to adjust our system since our weekend races will be dedicated to our varsity team. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Tigers On The Run Season: 9/13/22 to 10/6/22
  • Runners will train at the course/track one time a week on their assigned day.  
  • Three official timed runs will be held on our campus course.
  • Runners will have the chance to earn medals/ribbons at each of these. Runners will run in grade divisions and will compete as individuals and on assigned teams (runners will be randomly divided into teams). Medals/ribbons will be given at each race for top 5 in each division for both boys and girls.  At the end of the season there will be a Tigers on the Run league individual champion boy and girl, as well as a team champion for each of our divisions. We will update league standings on our school website after each run.
  • Each runner must complete an information sheet and waiver in order to participate.
  • The fee to run is $25. This includes a performance t-shirt to compete in.

We could not be more excited to start a new generation of Tiger runners. Our varsity cross and track programs consistently finish in the top 10 at state each year, and it starts here!

Again, all runs will be on our campus in our own league.

Grades 1-2 Distance: ½ mile

Grades 3-4 Distance: ½ mile

Grades 5-6 Distance: 1 mile

Grades 7-8 Distance: 1 mile


Practice Dates: 9/13/22, 9/16/22, 9/27/22, 10/4/22

Dates of Race Runs: 9/20/22, 9/29/22, 10/6/22

Miracle for Marc Prayer Walk Event @ CHS Track: 9/22/22; if student athletes would like to participate. (not mandatory)